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About Sextants
Sextant is a name derived from Latin word sex that means six. Sextant as a product is named so because of the celebrated arc of 60 degrees (i.e. 1/6th of a circle). It is an optical instrument used in navigation. It is used to measure the elevation of the celestial bodies above the horizon from the observer's position. With the angle of elevation of a known star and the exact time, the latitude position of the observer can be calculated.

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In earlier times, marine sextants had a fixed telescope leveled on the horizon and a radial arm is moved against an arc scaled in degrees. The radial arm is adjusted to get the reflection, of a known star, from index mirror and then off the horizon mirror down the telescope until it lines up with the horizon. The position of the radial arm on the scale gives the stars elevation. The nautical sextant range includes: slow motion nautical sextant, octants, slow motion nautical sextants and round dubble telescope nautical.

In modern sextants, the light ray from the celestial body is reflected in two mirrors (in series) one of which is adjustable and the other is half silvered. By rotating one mirror and its attached index bar, the image of the body is brought down to the horizon. The rotation measures the altitude on the limb.

Octants, Code -24, Onyx Nauticals Nautical Sextant, Code- 224, Onyx Nauticals
Wood Octant
Medium Slow Motion Wood Nauticals
Dimensions : 28cms
Weight : 1.28 kg
Product Code : OI - 207
Made of the premium quality sheeshum wood, this octant has a reading glass, two mirror glasses, a big telescope and a wooden handle. It functions same as a slow motion sextant.
Dimensions : 16 cms
Weight : 500 gms
Product Code : OI - 208
Made from the sheeshum wood and brass, it has specially built German silver vernier scale. It also has six round or square tined swing arm glass filter on top.
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Nautical Sextant, Code- 468, Onyx Nauticals Nauticals Sextant, Code -46, Onyx Nauticals
Micrometer Nautical Sextant With Box
Small Slow Motion Wood Nautical Sextant
Dimensions : 20 cms
Weight : 4 kg
Product Code : OI - 209
Top quality brass nautical sextant with a micrometer drum. It also has a big telescope, three square and three round tinted swing in arm glass filters on top. A brass wood handle on the backside makes it easier to carry.
Dimensions : 10 cms
Weight : 250 gms
Product Code : OI - 210
Made of sheeshum wood, this sextant has brass accessories, one small telescope, six filter glasses and two mirror glasses. It is available in any finish
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Nautical Sextant, Code- 198, Onyx Nauticals Nauticals Sextant, Code -223, Onyx Nauticals
Big Micrometer Nautical Sextant
Slow Motion Nautical Sextant
Dimensions : 20 cms
Weight : 2 kg
Product Code : OI - 211
Made of brass with a touch of German silver, it comes with a micrometer drum, one big telescope, reading glass, six filter glass and a wood brass handle in back side.
Dimensions : 12 cms
Weight : 450 gms
Product Code : OI - 212
Made of solid brass, it has one medium telescope, two mirror glass and a wood brass handles in the back side.
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