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Onyx Nautical
Sand Glass
We are eager to fulfill different needs of its worldwide customers. Besides clocks sextants, Telescopes, Compasses. We provide a large no of other gift items and showpieces which are fully finished as are them original state. This category covers stand magnafine, theodolite, round level,dumpy theodolite, camera and telegraph.

Here, we have a collection of beautiful solid brass and stainless steel surveying instruments, levels, ship's telegraphs, desk and barometers, balance scales, sundials, astrolabes, ship's wheel, brass bell, walking sticks, flasks, key chains, chart dividers, cigar sets, lighters, pocket flashlight, playing card sets, bookmarks, business and credit card cases, jewelry boxes, and compact mirrors. All are fully functional and made to high quality standards.

Misc, Code -186, Onyx Nauticals Misc., Code -201, Onyx Nauticals
Dip Circle
Dimension : 7.5 x 2 cm
Weight : 200 gms
Product Code : OI - 507
Dimension : 12 x 11 x 6 cm
Weight : 650 gms
Product Code : OI - 508
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Misc, Code -207, Onyx Nauticals Misc, Code -258, Onyx Nauticals
Double Sprit Lavels
Small Pocket Sprit Lavels
Dimension : 16 cm
Weight : 220
Product Code : OI - 509
Dimension : 10 cm
Weight : 180
Product Code : OI - 510
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Misc, Code -282, Onyx Nauticals Misc., Code -340, Onyx Nauticals
Hand Kaleidoscope
Mini Telegraph Bookend
Dimension : 23 cm
Weight : 300 gms
Product Code : OI - 511
Dimension : 15 x 9 x 14 cm
Weight : 600 gms
Product Code : OI - 512
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Theodolite, Code -311, Onyx Nauticals  
Dimensions : 23 × 11 × 10 cm
Product Code : OI - 513
A solid brass fully functional theodolite. Its both axes have slow motion control. Vernier scales with built in magnifiers spirit levels and telescope can plunge and reverse to reduce errors. A magnetic compass is mounted on the azimuth axis. It comes with a wooden handle and a teak surveyor's tripod mount.
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