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About Compasses
Compass is a simple device used to know directions. The magnetic needle used is pivoted over a smooth pointed base to make it move freely. This needle points to Geographic North and South directions. In ancient times voyagers used compasses to know their direction of sailing in sea. These compasses are beautiful solid brass antique reproductions of antique compasses. They are fully functional and beautifully made. We have a large selection of brass compasses in our huge stock, and now we carry several non-brass metal compasses. Just click any of the thumbnail pictures below for detailed information and photographs.

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Offering an impressive collection of compasses that ranges from Brunton compass to round sundial, wheel compass & gimble compass to butterfield suntimers compass, and compass with more specialized features- the engineering compass (also called as British officer) and round sundial compass. Most of our compasses are polished to a bright high-luster finish, and some compasses are available in an antique brass patina.

Brunton Compass, Code -421, Onyx Nauticals Compass, Code -107, Onyx Nauticals
Brunton Compass
Four Way Table Compass
Dimensions : 7 × 4 cm
Weight : 450 gms
Product Code : OI - 107
Made from brass and gun metal, it is also used as a surveyor compass, magnetic compass and for spirit level. It is very useful in coal mines and jewellery department.
Dimensions : 14 × 4 cm
Weight : 400 gms
Product Code : OI - 108
A solid brass desk compass mounted on a wood base. Also used as a directional desk compass.
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Compass, Code -116, Onyx Nauticals Compass, Code -167, Onyx Nauticals
Handil Clinontrs Compass
Gimbled Compass With Wood Base
Dimensions : 8 × 3 cm
Weight : 240 gms
Product Code : OI - 109
Made of brass, it has a needle with vernier and surveyor's bras handle.
Dimensions : 18 × 8 cm
Weight : 400 gms
Product Code : OI - 110
A solid brass gimbled compass on heavy wood base stand
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Compass, Code -190, Onyx Nauticals Compass, Code -194, Onyx Nauticals
Big Suvey Stand Compass
Small Gimbled Compass
Dimensions : 12× 10 cm
Weight : 750 gms
Product Code : OI - 111
This stand compass is used as a surveyor's compass
Dimensions : 18× 4 cm
Weight : 280 gms
Product Code : OI - 112
It has all the properties of a gimbled compass.
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