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Onyx Nautical
Sand Glass

About The Clocks
These antique replica clocks are popular because of their ethnic Indian style and are fast selling items. With minimum shelf life, they are regularly supplied to the global clientele with fresh variations introduced every couple of weeks.

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Onyx International offers an exclusive collection of clocks that are available in brass and nickel finish. Choose from extinguishing medley of replicate Indian authentic clocks such as Wheel Clocks, Nautical Clocks, Table Clock, Wooden Base Wheel Clock and World Timers Clock with Compass.

Wooden Base Wheel Clock, Code -506, Onyx Nauticals Wall Telegraph Clock, Code -509, Onyx Nauticals
Wooden Base Wheel Clock
Wall Telegraph Clock
Size : 49 cm
Product Code : OI - 407
Weight : 2.1kg
This wheel stand clock is made from good quality brass and seasoned sheeshum wood.
Size : 80 × 16 cm
Product Code : OI - 408
Weight : 3.650 Kg
This is made of brass or new hard wood. This Wall Telegrah Clock is designed for engine room.
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Clock, Code -203, Onyx Nauticals Clock, Code -242, Onyx Nauticals
Stand Brass Clock
Port Hall Clock
Size : 4 x 12 cm
Product Code : OI - 409
Weight : 560 gm
Size : 15 x 10cm
Product Code : OI - 410
Weight : 1 kg
A portable clock made of brass and wood.
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Clock, Code 278, Onyx Nauticals Clock, Code -344, Onyx Nauticals
World Timer Clock
Telegraph Clock
Size : 30 x 20 cm
Product Code : OI - 411
Weight : 500 gms
A world timer wall clock made of brass and wooden frame.
Size : 49 x 16 cm
Product Code : OI - 412
Weight : 3.2 kg
An engine room telegraph clock with a wooden base.One side it has clock and the other side is decorated by a telegraph.
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