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About Compasses
Compass is a simple device used to know directions. The magnetic needle used is pivoted over a smooth pointed base to make it move freely. This needle points to Geographic North and South directions. In ancient times voyagers used compasses to know their direction of sailing in sea. These compasses are beautiful solid brass antique reproductions of antique compasses. They are fully functional and beautifully made. We have a large selection of brass compasses in our huge stock, and now we carry several non-brass metal compasses. Just click any of the thumbnail pictures below for detailed information and photographs.

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Offering an impressive collection of compasses that ranges from Brunton compass to round sundial, wheel compass & gimble compass to butterfield suntimers compass, and compass with more specialized features- the engineering compass (also called as British officer) and round sundial compass. Most of our compasses are polished to a bright high-luster finish, and some compasses are available in an antique brass patina.

Wheel Compass, Code-76, Onyx Nauticals Engineering Compass, (British Officer), Code-128, Onyx Nauticals
Brass Wheel Compass
Engineering (British Officer) Compass
Dimensions : 15 × 14 × 10cm
Weight : 950 gms
Product Code : OI - 101
Made of the solid brass, this wheel compass has a brass pillar and two hands that indicate north and south direction.
Dimensions : 9 × 6 cm
Weight : 120 gms
Product Code : OI - 102
This solid brass engineering lensatic compass has a glass window with a line itched into the glass for use as a rear sight. The outside of the compass has a brasss guard to protect the glass. The compass features a luminuos dial for easy viewing at night. The brass engineering lensatic compass is available in polished brass with an antique patina. Either version comes complete with a 100% leather case to store and carry the compass.
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Butterfield Suntimers Compass, Code -144, Onyx Nauticals Gimble Compass, Code -193, Onyx Nauticals
Butterfield Suntimers (shadow of sun) Compass in Golden Face
Gimbled Compass With Wood Base
Dimensions : 10 × 7 × 2cm
Weight : 400 gms
Product Code : OI - 103
Made of the best quality brass, this compass functions as a rectangular suntimer. The butterfly moves in up and down and 90 degree directions.
Dimensions : 16 × 8 cm
Weight : 500 gms
Product Code : OI - 104
Made of the solid brass, This gimbled compass comes with magnetic needle and wood base.
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Round Sundial, Code -285, Onyx Nauticals Round Sundial Compass, Code - 286, Onyx Nauticals
Round Sundial (Reflection of Sun) Compass
Big Paper Weight Suntimer(Reflection Of Sun)
Dimensions : 11 × 4.5 cm
Weight : 450 gms
Product Code : OI - 105
This round sundial compass has all the properties of a sundial compass. It is made of the premium quality brass.
Dimensions : 8 × 2 cm
Weight : 150 gms
Product Code : OI - 106
We use this compass to see time when reflection of sun falls on it.The shadow of the fixed butterfly gives the right time.
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